Hospitality has been a growth sector across all markets for many years now, and whilst PRO has been involved in the sale of very many restaurants and cafes for sale over the last thirteen plus years, we have learned that this is a market sector that really requires a dedicated specialist professional broker to properly assist buyers purchasing and sellers selling a hospitality business in this market.


Franchises are great businesses for conscientious individuals with a passion for success. Because franchised businesses have a set of rules and guidelines to follow – the business owner knows exactly what has to be done every day. It really makes success simple for the first time business owner or the experienced business owner.

Whether you are a franchisor or franchisee, or if you want to buy or considering selling a Franchise, we have the very latest information regarding franchises for sale in Australia, including many new listings every week.

We work with the sale of franchised businesses, we tend to specialise in food franchises, pool shops, bedding stores, building products, tyre retail, and furniture retail.


Independent Supermarkets are a great business for conscientious individuals with a passion for success, and enthusiasm for business. Because supermarket businesses sell products that we all need – staple items, food, drinks, commodities that we must have every day – the business owner knows that there will be sales every day.

If you are an investor or an operator, or if you are considering buying or selling a supermarket, we have the very latest information regarding Supermarkets for sale, PRO specialist business brokers sell every supermarket that they list.


PRO's agents have been involved in the sale of leasehold and freehold Childcare centres. Our team of specialists boast many years of experience in childcare ownership, management, valuation and sales - offering clients solutions in all of these key areas.

Whether you're an established childcare business or owner or first time investor, PRO will assist in showing you ways to save time, money and effort.

You should expect personal attention, professional service from specialists who know the market


Having made a decision to acquire a business, whether it be for a stand alone business or an acquisition that is complimentary has synergies to your current business , there are key elements that must be considered in order for the acquisition to work to your objectives and minimise risks and surprises. Near enough is not good enough in a competitive market.