Remember the time when it was a swear word to say “I want some quality of life?” The time when a good work ethic meant doing a twelve hour shift and having your boss say “well done, you’re a real asset!” The time when you were proud of being an important part of your company but quietly feeling that you deserved more, or could do better for your family in the time spent with them and the money you made to help secure yours and their future?

Well I got to tell you, times have changed! These days it’s ok to say “I am capable and hardworking and now I want to use my skills to secure my future as well as spend more time doing the things that I want to do!” These days it’s ok to say “I want to control my work rather than my work control me!”

These are good reasons why we see an ever increasing amount of people choosing to be their own boss. To feel the satisfaction of being in control of their lives and to have every penny earned by them to be in their pocket.


What many do these days is not unwise. They decide to go at it themselves. They think about something that they can see themselves doing and enjoying and go for it! They buy a café, retail shop, etc. Something that makes money for them, gives them satisfaction with each dollar earned, and better yet, no unreasonable boss to deal with.

Unfortunately this is not always the pretty picture that one paints in his head. Many people find that it is increasingly difficult to be responsible for everything!

They realise that having staff is not always simple. They are suddenly faced with all these different personalities with all these different individual needs that they have to manage. They fall under the threat of being that boss they once despised.

They find themselves working long hours. All of a sudden, they need to be many things all at once; the cleaner in the morning and the bookkeeper in the evening. All the little jobs that were once someone else’s problem just became theirs.

So why do they stick with it? Because they do not want to work for someone else! And they want to reap the rewards of their skills!

This is where PRO can help. There is merit in owning your own business. But there is even more merit if this business has a proven formula for success.